Contoh Soal Test Akpol Bahasa Inggris 2016



1. Let’s … Seriously.
a. talk
b. talking
c. talked
d. talks

2. “ Are you and Toni friends?” “ I have known her __________ almost seven years.”
a. since
b. for
c. over
d. during

3. I really do not like the students ……….. often come late to school.
a. who
b. whose
c. whom
d. which

4. Don’t bother the mad man……………… the police released two days ago!
a. who
b. whose
c. whom
d. which

5. She has …hair.
a. short black
b. short blaky
c. black short
d. blacky short

6. I don’t like …food.
a. chinese
b. china
c. japan
d. America

7. If you ride your motorbike, you must … The regulation.
a. see
b. say
c. have
d. obey

8. My uncle feels …
a. confused
b. confuse
c. confusing
d. confuses

9. Angga is an employee at a five-..hotel.
a. star
b. stars
c. starring
d. stared

10. … She came late, she was punished by the teacher.
a. if
b. because
c. after
d. before

11. You must run … .
a. fast
b. fastly
c. fastest
d. faster.

12. I don’t like hiking because it is very … .
a. dangerous
b. dangerously
c. danger
d. dangers

13. Ali says : “Tina, I want you to have the garage cleaned.” means………
a. Ali wants Tina to have a clean garage
b. Ali asks Tina to clean the garage herself
c. Ali wants Tina to clean the garage
d. Ali wants Tina to ask someone to clean the garage

14. Transmigration and urbanization are done by people who want a better …..
a. family
b. community
c. salary
d. life

15. The Marconi family ……… to the United States thirty years ago.
a. has come
b. come
c. comes
d. came

16. John was absent yesterday. He …………………… sick again.
a. must have been
b. has been
c. ought to be
d. must be

17. All students must … Shoes when they come to school.
a. wear
b. wearing
c. uses
d. using

18. The car of mine ___________________ you borrowed last night is in a garage now.
a. who
b. whose
c. whom
d. which

19. you … Good score if you studied hard.
a. will get
b. would get
c. has got
d. gets

20. Rina loves cooking and so … Rina.
a. is
b. was
c. did
d. does

21. The wind … slowly so we can feel the fresh air.
a. blowing
b. blows
c. blowing
d. blew – hardly

22. By this time next year, she ………… more than 8 years.
a. has worked
b. works
c. is working
d. will have been working

23. I can’t understand John’s English because he speaks so quickly. quickly means………
a. correctly
b. fast
c. well
d. nicely

24. …………. She was sad, she tried to smile with anybody she met.
a. Although
b. In spite of
c. Despite
d. Because

25. Don’t lie to me, I can tell ……..looking at your eyes.
a. with
b. in
c. on
d. by

26. The nurse …a shot to the patient before the doctor operated the patient
a. gave
b. gives
c. given
d. will give

27. The harder you work, the …is the result.
a. best
b. better
c. good
d. worse

28. My parents always say that working hard …….. a must.
a. is
b. was
c. should be
d. will be

29. If you don’t get out of my house, l’ll have you ……………………..
a. to arrest
b. arrested
c. to be arrested
d. arrest

30. Never pospone …something.
a. done
b. do
c. did
d. doing

31. After the explosion of Krakatoa, tidal waves did a lot of damage and high …………. were experienced as far away as London
a. tide
b. tidally
c. tiden
d. tiding

32. All participant get serious …they can get the best.
a. if
b. when
c. so that
d. but

33. When the sun…, the earth gets dark.
a. rises
b. sets
c. rising
d. setting

34. To be a researcher needs a large amount of money, equipment, library and ………
a. laboratories
b. factories
c. refineries
d. lavatories

35. This is the place ….. the Dutch imprisoned Pangeran Diponegoro.
a. on which
b. where
c. there
d. which

36. I beg your pardon means … .
a. I see
b. I know
c. I am not clear
d. I am clear

37. Don’t be angry … me.
a. on
b. at
c. with
d. in

38. …. Do you have sport every week? Twice a week.
a. when
b. where
c. how often
d. how long

39. The movie is ….
a. excited
b. exciting
c. excites
d. exit

40. Tennis is not a difficult game to play, and you do not need a lot of equipment to play it. There must be two or four players. Each player should have a comfortable tennis racket. The player will also need some tennis balls. Of course, it is necessary to have a tennis court!
a. Players need tennis rackets.
b. You play tennis on a tennis court.
c. Players need a court, rackets, and tennis balls.
d. Two players will need two rackets to play this game

41. If they …the address of the student, they could have visted him
a. have known
b. know
c. knew
d. had known

42. The baby is sleeping … Bed.
a. at
b. in
c. 0n
d. by

43. Alex …join the English club to improve his English.
a. active
b. activate
c. actively
d. be active

44. Because of long draught, some parts of Africa suffered from famine some time ago. Famine means ….
a. lack of water
b. drying of hunger
c. harsh climate
d. scarcity of food

45. If They got bored, They ……………. sleepy during the lesson.
a. feel
b. will feel
c. would feel
d. would have felt

46. Do you like to play tennis? I …… , but now I prefer golf.
a. used to
b. used to do
c. used to played
d. used to playing

47. Why are you buying all that food? Because lot of people_________ over for dinner.
a. are coming
b. coming
c. comes
d. is coming

48. I never give bribes. ………………. is wrong.
a. bribe
b. bribing
c. bribery
d. bribes

49. Tenants … not to turn on their radios after midnight.
a. requested
b. are requested
c. request
d. are requesting

50. No pain, no … , that’s my motto.
a. gaining
b. gain
c. get
d. getting

51. John and Pete ate salad, and both the girls did, too. How many people ate salad?
a. one
b. two
c. three
d. four

52. He acts … He were an actor
a. as well as
b. as though
c. as if
d. as

53. All drivers must use … When driiving.
a. belt
b. belt seat
c. sit belt
d. seat belt

54. Who has been planning the dance? Everyone in the club ……………
a. is
b. have
c. has
d. are

55. I ………………………reading this book.
a. finally finish
b. finally finished
c. will finally finish
d. have finally finished

56. They …when I arrived there.
a. went
b. have gone
c. had gone
d. going

57. Before the doctor prescribe the patients, he must …them first.
a. see
b. talk
c. examine
d. examining

58. The leader of a province is a …
a. city mayor
b. mayor
c. government
d. governor

59. The soup …by my mother
a. is cooking
b. was cooked
c. cooked
d. cooking

60. The forest trails ________ any signs for campers.
a. doesn’t have
b. aren’t
c. don’t have
d. have

61. The old people keep their …by having regular sports.
a. healthy
b. health
c. heal
d. healing

62. Carol really wants to buy that new television, but she says that it is too expensive because she only has two hundred dollars. How much might the television cost?
a. 250
b. 200
c. 150
d. 100

63. Where are the hamburgers? Over there. And the bowls of fruit __________ on the table.
a. are being
b. is
c. are
d. have

64. I can’t speak …
a. japan
b. Japanese
c. Nippon
d. Japans

65. It is … Season from May to September.
a. dries
b. dry
c. dried
d. drying

66. The policeman …the traffic.
a. director
b. directors
c. directs
d. direct

67. The Consumer price Index lists ….
a. how much costs every car
b. how much does every car cost
c. how much every car costs
d. how much are every car cost

68. The man is a … . His job is to take people to have tour.
a. tourist
b. Traveller
c. walker
d. guide

69. If you use the paper …, you can save the trees.
a. wise
b. wisely
c. wisdom
d. less

70. If you visit Bengkulu, you can have your favorite sport at the…
a. centre sport
b. sport centre
c. central spor
d. sport central

71. She is cracy … Shopping.
a. in
b. on
c. with
d. about

72. That man ………………. money to the hospital for years.
a. giving
b. is giving
c. has giving
d. has been giving

73. He passes all the tests because of his … .
a. intelligent
b. intelligently
c. intelligence
d. intelligencely

74. John said to me : Why do they go abroad so often?” John asked me …………………….
a. if they went abroad so often
b. why did they went to abroad so often
c. why do they gp abroad so often
d. why they went abroad so often

75. The teacher told all the students except John to answer the questions on page 15. Who did not have to do the questions?
a. John
b. all the students
c. all the students except John
d. the teacher and the students

76. He worked last night …… he feels sleepy now.
a. because
b. because of
c. so that
d. when

77. Computers are electronic machines that handle ……… automatically.
a. reports
b. memories
c. numbers
d. instructions

78. Please ..down here
a. sitting
b. sit
c. sat
d. will be sitting

79. They deny … The work.
a. do
b. did
c. done
d. doing

80. “Mrs. Williams is always beautifully dressed.” “She wears ____________ nice clothes.”
a. so
b. such
c. such a
d. so much

81. My father is smart … he is emotional.
a. and
b. but
c. so
d. after

82. I can’t imagine …he felt when he was chosen tobe the best actor.
a. when
b. which
c. how
d. where

83. Teenagers like to make …on walls.
a. grave
b. gravity
c. gangs
d. green

84. “ When are you leaving for Bandung?” “ I think I’ll go ___________ June 11,”
a. at
b. in
c. between
d. on

85. If you want tobe an …, you must take architecture at the university.
a. architecture
b. art
c. artis
d. architect

86. The waiters …the guests politely.
a. serve
b. service
c. serving
d. serves

87. When the police stopped the car, Ann said to her friend in the car, This is the first time it……. to me!
a. happens
b. is happening
c. has ever happened
d. will happen

88. Never … Calculator for this test.
a. using
b. used
c. uses
d. use

89. When I was an elementary student, my father used to … Me to school.
a. takes
b. take
c. took
d. taken

90. Mary thinks that it is impossible to type one hundred words per minute, but Sue can. It means that …
a. Sue types very rapidly.
b. Mary wants to learn to type.
c. Sue types for Mary.
d. Mary can’t type.

91. Oh, no! It ………… to rain and my clothes are on the line:
a. starts
b. is starting
c. started
d. will start

92. They are really interested …… being cops.
a. in
b. on
c. at
d. to

93. Last night Windy stopped by ……..sure that I was fine.
a. make
b. making
c. made
d. to make

94. I did not get the job ……… I applied for.
a. who
b. what
c. whose
d. which

95. John and Kate are very each other. Yes. I’m surprised that they got married.
a. different about
b. different to
c. different from
d. different than

96. She wanted the hairdresser to trim her hair because it was to long. trim means………
a. wash
b. change the color of
c. dye
d. cut
97. She … Sleep much if she wants tobe better soon.
a. will
b. can
c. would
d. must

98. ” Family Planning” is one of the efforts to overcome the rapid ….
a. Birth control
b. infant mortality
c. mortality rates
d. population growth

99. …..! The test is going on.
a. silent
b. silence
c. be silent
d. be silence